Open Discussion

June 15, 2019 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Hello Everyone.  I hope you are enjoying the glorious weather as much as I am.  

Last month was our Caregiver Breakout session.  I thank Rose Vondrashek for her continued support of the group.  She has been joining us twice a year to facilitate the caregiver portion of the meeting.  I cannot thank her enough for her contribution.  Unfortunately, attendance was pretty limited, so the few of us who attended had an intimate group discussion.  



The meeting topic for June is "Open Discussion".  Bring your thoughts, your ideas to share with the group.  Also see below for an update on monthly topics and guests.  As always, I encourage people to bring forward topics of interest or guests that may have information to share relevant to the group.  For example, when I went to the dentist last month, I found my dental hygienist so informative, I invited her to give a talk on dental health.  She will be joining us in the Fall, month to be determined.

We meet from 10AM to Noon at, and space provided by, the Gift of Life Transplant House, North side, 701 - 2nd Street SW, Rochester, MN.  Light refreshments will be available, provided by Takeda Oncology.  Educational materials will be available, provided by the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF).



We meet the 3rd Saturday of every month.  Meeting topics may change based on speaker availability. Please let me know if you have recommendations for topics or speakers.  Below are listed the current scheduled topics for 2019.  


 2019 MMSS Meeting topics

January - ASH Update, speaker Dr. Siddiqi, Mayo Clinic Fellow

February - Open Discussion

March – Myeloma Action Month, Kyle Symposium, Mayo Civic Center from 8AM-2PM

April - Open Discussion with Dr. Sidana

May - Caregiver Breakout, 2 hours, with Teresa and Rose V.

June - Open Discussion

July - Immune-Oncology with Nancy Gudex from BMS

August - Dr. Abdullah Alsaleh, Hematology/BMT Fellow at Mayo Clinic

September - Caregiver Breakout 2 hours

October -TBA

November - TBA

December - TBA

 HELPING HANDS - I arrive around 9:00/9:15 to arrange chairs, set up food and lay out materials.  If you are able to come early to assist with set up, please let me know.  If you are unable to arrive early, assistance with clean up afterwards is just as helpful.


Dr. Durie’s Best of ASH teleconference was held on Thursday, January 10. If you missed the live conference or would like to listen to it again, here is the link:



THE PROMISE study is the first study to test healthy people who may be at risk for early warning signs of multiple myeloma. Share this link with family members:



We are fortunate in Minnesota to have 6 groups that meet specific to Myeloma.  We have two groups in Rochester.  To find a group in MN or throughout the country, you can go to to find a group nearest to you.

I hope to see you at the next meeting.

Teresa Miceli, Facilitator

"Never give up” 

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